Photographs from the Cape Region, Baja California Sur, Mexico
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frigate birds and La Paz bay (Bahia de La Paz), Baja California Sur, Mexico Frigate birds on Bahia de La Paz looking south towards La Paz and the range behind. The peak on the right (Cerro El Puerto), fifteen miles from town, is the highest and has a trail to the summit.

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ciruelo tree branches on El Mogote near La Paz, Baja California Sur, Mexico
Ciruelo growing on El Mogote. Not too far from where the above photo was shot these massive trees seem to have found the perfect growing location in the hot sands of the 6 mile long spit enclosing La Paz bay. Large trees of this kind are fairly common in arroyo bottoms in the mountains farther south, but few are as big as this one. These limbs reach 50 feet in length, after sagging earthward, taking root and continuing outward. At the south end of the spit, just across the harbor from La Paz, work is now started on Paraiso del Mar's ( three square mile resort development ... time to save what's left!

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Virgin of Guadeloupe shrine near San Jose del Cabo, Baja California Sur, Mexico
In a country where folk art is practically a way of life roadside shrines must be among the more charming examples. Few rural roads or highways are without them. Typically assembled from spare bits of material into unique one-of-a-kind structures to commemorate the Virgin of Guadalupe, not all are quite as monumental as the one shown here, west of San Jose del Cabo on the mountain road to San Felipe.

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La Zorra canyon watefall near Santiago, Baja California Sur, Mexico
Waterfall in La Zorra canyon behind Santiago. Popular destination ten minutes from the parking lot at the end of the road 6 miles from Santiago. The trail past here follows the stream up La Zorra canyon, passing one or two remote farms and possibly going as far as La Laguna at the top of the range after 25 to 30 miles.

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old silver mine smelter chimneys in El Triunfo, Baja California Sur, Mexico
El Triunfo chimney. Well preserved 100+ year monument to a race of vanished master builders. Some say it was the French that were responsible, some say it was the Americans. Either way it's impressive. This is the tallest of two at the old Triunfo mine site, just off the highway in El Triunfo.

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